The Kardashian Christmas Card of 2013!

How incredibly glamours and non-holiday looking are these "Christmas" cards!?! I loved them soo much I had to blog about it.

Despite it looking more like a fashion photo shoot and less like a holiday card, the photography is absolutely amazing. What's weird is that Kim is everywhere in the background in all three photographs compared to the rest of the family members. But then again.. if you're a Kardashian fan, that's not weird at all.

The setting is in an old run down theatre that I assume is a reflection of how open their life is. Stacks of tabloid magazines are most apparent in Kendall and Kylie's photo where both sisters are standing over them symbolizing the fact that not everything you hear/see is the truth. (uh oh.. Fine Arts background coming out). The depiction of Bruce Jenner is also hilariously accurate.

These photos scream David LaChapelle. I truly admire his work and his vision.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed and pleased with the fact that they didn't go for the traditional, cliche Christmas card!


  1. I'm not the biggest fan of the Kardashian family but I have to admit that every year I get curious to find out what their latest Christmas card photos look like! I like these photos but they don't feel very Christmas-y lol

  2. heheh I noticed too ~ that Kim is everywhere :p love her, love the Kardashians! My most favourite in their '13 Christmas cards is Bruce! lol and I don't know if it's just me... Kylie looks abit awkward. overall I love their not-so-christmas Christmas cards haha ~


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