Wantable Subcription for October 2013

A few days ago I received my Wantable beauty box for October 2013! From the many monthy beauty subscriptions out there, Wantable is a more pricier subscription. At $40 for 1 month, you receive 4 - 5 full size makeup products! If you subscribe, the box will be $36 per month.

Wantable also offers an accessories box, an intimate box, and a Halloween box (limited edition)

Before you sign up, you'll be asked a few questions regarding your interests:

Step 1: What do you love? Answer a few short questions so we can match you with the perfect products.

I took my time during this portion since I wanted to make sure that I"ll be getting what I like, rather than get something I don't want.

Your then asked if you want to subscribe, or make a one time purchase:

Step 2: Forever or for now? One-time purchase for $40, or subscribe for $36. Subscriptions are monthly and can be paused or canceled at anytime, no strings attached.

Step 3: Discover a new you. Each box is packed with full-size products hand-picked from unique, specialty, and premium brands just for you. 

After a few days, I received my box!!

I received:

I'm incredibly happy with my items EXCEPT for the japonesk makeup brush. I have more than enough make up brushes and this will just go in my "neglected makeup items" pile.This experience is why I said "make sure to take your time so you'll get things you like". I highly regret adding "makeup tools" into my "likes" but that's okay. On the bright side, I've always wanted to own something Japonesk lol :)

The good thing about Wantable is that  you can edit your likes and your dislikes in your account, which is what I did. I was going to subscribe to monthly boxes but then I would receive the same things for October. I'll be subscribing in November to get some new goodies :)

I actually wore this eyebrow product today and it didn't budge! I also had a difficult time wiping off the swatch from my hand as well. With more wear, I'll be able to do a more thorough review.

Even though this is a Japonesque brush, I'm really disappointed in the quality. Nothing special about it whatsoever. You can find something similar at Wal-mart. The bristles give you a streaky effect and the packaging is standard.

I haven't tried this mascara yet but from looking at the want, the formula looks pretty watery. We'll see how it goes with a more thorough review of the product :)

Besides the eyebrow product, this is my favourite in the bunch! The lipstick appears to be more red in the tube but when swatched, it's a beautiful rose colour. As you can tell from the swatch, the lipstick is pretty sheer but can be opaque with continuous application. LOVE!

Overall, I'm quite happy with all my items as I've previously stated. In a competitive business, I'd say Wantable stands out from the rest since they actually give you full-sized/premium products! But remember, take your time choosing what you "like" and "dislike" to ensure you're always happy with your box!

Of course, like all great things, there's at least one downside. The price. Many people might not be able to afford the $40/month price point. If you can afford it, give it a try!

*PR sample


  1. Looks good but definitely pricey :)

    Do visit my blog too sometime!

  2. The lipstick would be my favorite item too! :)


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