Moisturizing with Jojoba Oil from Acne.org

I've struggled with acne throughout my entire teenage/adult life but 2 years ago, my acne went from so-so to monstrous. I'm not sure what triggered it, but it made me feel incredibly insecure since makeup can't hide texture, only discolouration.

This also occurred during the winter season so to make things worse, my acne was mixed with incredibly dry skin and eczema around my eyes.

Some of you who have read my blog from the start might be thinking "whuuuuutt I never saw a pimple on yo cotdamn face."

Well I have one word for you. Photoshop.

Most acne products contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that dry out your pimples and essentially, dry out your skin. As you can imagine, using these products with eczema would not be the wisest choice since it would irritate my skin like a mofo.

SooOooO.. I started doing a lot of research on dry, acne prone skin. I read soo many reviews and watched a bunch of youtube videos on certain products. The video that caught my interest was by MakeupLeniaBaby when she talked about her struggles with acne and the products she used to cure it. She used the entire line by Acne.org so I bought the exact same products as she did because I'm a sucka (aka desperate)

The product that I immediately fell in love with was the Jojoba oil. I have never used any type of oil on my face because the word "oil" and "face" in the same sentence terrified me. But since I did my research, I knew this product would help with moisturizing my face and the eczema around my eyes.

Lo and behold, after using this product religiously after a few weeks, my face was baby soft. The eczema around my eyes wasn't cured but, it did help significantly since it wasn't as dry or itchy. My acne also started to go away since my face just needed moisture. When your skin is dry, your body will produce more sebum to moisturize your skin which can clog your pores and produce acne. Once I properly moisturized my skin, my body stopped producing extra sebum and my acne was cured.

Don't get me wrong I still do get pimples here and there especially during that time (ladies... you know), but it's nowhere near what I had 2 years ago.

The incredibly heart-breaking and most upsetting thing I had to find out a few days ago was that shipping to Canada is $50. Acne.org no longer has cheaper shipping options and I refuse to pay $50 for shipping for a $14 product. I'm almost done my jojoba oil and I'm scrambling trying to figure out what I should use for the winter.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I've been told that extra-virgin coconut oil would be a good alternative!

Have a great week!


  1. Love this post! The past 8 months my skin has gotten worse with acne including those horrible painful cystic zits. I find that the coconut oil helps to moisturize my skin and doesn't break me out, also it helps fade my acne scars! It is worth a try and it is pretty cheap. I know you can find the coconut oil and jojoba oil on vitacost.com !

  2. You make me laugh because your skin always has looked great! haha But her video is what made me try Acne.org too!! And it made my face disgustingly dry :( If you want your jojoba oil, go to a natural foods store or Amazon ♥


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