Annabelle's CC Perfecting Base and Pressed Powder

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I received the CC line from Annabelle quite awhile ago (as you can tell by the pressed powder), and I'd say I'm ready to do a review! The CC Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base Neutral Finish (beige tube) claims to prime the skin perfectly by evening out skin tone, reducing pores, eliminating redness, and keeping the the skin matte. The CC Control Instant Perfecting Base Luminous Finish (white tube) also claims to even out skin tone while leaving a "luminous finish". It pretty much as the same purpose as the Neutral finish, minus the luminosity of the product. Both Perfecting Bases are oil-free, paraben-free, perfume-free, non comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. *phew!

I also received the CC Colour Control Pressed Powder in light/medium. The powder contains vitamin E and antioxidants which helps control shine, neutralizes redness, and evens skin tone!

Swatches of both the perfecting bases.

The white perfecting base has a luminous finish, whereas the neutral base has a matte finish. From my experience, I actually prefer the matte finish during the summer and the luminous finish during the winter. 

I really enjoyed using the neutral base during the summer because it kept my skin matte and left a smooth finish for my foundation. I noticed that there's actually quite a difference in the longevity of my foundation if I do and don't wear this as a base. My skin will get oilier and shinier quicker if I don't use this as a primer. This product deserves an A++

As for the luminous base, it's actually quite hydrating compared to the neutral base. I could barely wear this in the summer since it made my skin feel like an oil slick. Ugh! No one should have their foundation slip n slidin' on their face. However, since we're currently in the colder months, this has helped hydrate my skin. My skin is very extreme when it comes to the Summer and Winter. During the summer, my face is very oily; during the winter, my face is very dry. I just started using this and it's helped my skin immensely! 

As you can tell by the fact the I reached pan, I have been using this religiously. re-li-gious-ly. I am IN LOVE with this powder because it's silky, fine, and it mattifies (is that a word!?) the oily areas of my skin (t-zone). I never go a day without using this. I use the light/medium colour and it's pretty much transparent. For a drugstore product, it's actually a bit pricy. It costs $16.95 CAD but hey if it works, might as well.

Overall I'm quite happy with the CC line. From experience, I've learned to use the perfecting bases for different seasons to accommodate my different skin types in the hot and cold months. If you are consistently oily, I would recommended the neutral base. If you need hydration, I recommend the luminous finish. As for the powder, I recommend it all year round! Annabelle did a great job with the CC line. It is a bit pricey for a drugstore product, but you are paying for quality.


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  2. They look fantastic ! I wish we had them here is the US

  3. I have never tried the CC line, but the oil control aspect sounds amazing :)

  4. I tried the CC cream in the tube and didn't love it but I think I may be giving the powder a try! Great review

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  6. non avevo mai sentito parlare di questo brand, bella recensione!
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