Eyebrows: Skinny Brow Liner by Annabelle Review

The Skinny Brow Liner in Universal light is a "dual purpose tool for well-behaved brows combined with a retractable micro-pencil and a brow-shaping comb on the other end. Super long wearing formula and also waterproof. Matte texture gives a natural finish."

The brow liner comes in three shades: universal light, universal medium, and universal dark.

I received the colour universal light which is obviously too light for me considering my black hair. I don't mind though because I personally like the look of black hair with light brown brows. (looks good on them white girls lol). But when I do run out, I'm going to pick up universal dark since it's probably more suitable for me anyway. 

I DO NOT think it's waterproof or long wearing. It easily came off when I washed it with water and it easily smudged off when I would smudge the ends with my finger. I think next time I'm going to powder my whole eyebrow so it's matte and dry, and it'll probably hold up a little better. 

One end comes with a little comb to groom your brows in place, and the other end is a retractable pencil. I wanted to show you how small the pencil was so I compared it to my thumb (don't mind the wrinkles on my thumb haha). The pencil is SOOO TINY!! Great for precision. I really like this feature. Having it retractable is great too since you don't have to sharpen it. 

Overall, I love the tininess of the pencil and the tiny comb. If you have black hair, I suggest to get a darker colour rather than universal light. I personally don't mind for myself. 

Anyway hope you guys are having a great day! 
Hope you enjoyed the review and found it useful.


  1. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of post. I am glad that you simply shared with us. Thanks!

  2. It's a shame the shade is too light for you, i like the product comes with a little comb. thanks for sharing xx

  3. Universal Light seems like it would be a good fit for me! Too bad they sent you the wrong shade and that sucks how it smudged easily. I must say I'm super lazy with my eyebrows though ahah!

  4. Everyone has wrinkly
    thumbs, trust me :P
    Nice review! Love the
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  5. I liked it. I want it for sure. :)

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  7. I've never heard of this brand. It seems like great quality and I love how you showed the before and after pics. I'm always looking for a good brow pencil.


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  11. I was at the Dior cosmetic counter and the lady said that its good to have one or two shades lighter than your natural eyebrow color, so i bought my pencil lighter than my eyebrows..

    xo kerker
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  12. Looks great! I love all your reviews theyre very informative and helps me out a lot! (:

    Cindy C.

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  14. I might have to but it:)

  15. great review, I really want to this, been looking for a good one xo


  16. this is a good review, I don't remember hearing about this brand before. and I hope you get your entries in for my Summer Fun Giveaway! : )

  17. this looks good! my eyebrow pencil is retractable too and i love it! :D

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  19. hmm that little comb seems interesting

  20. I really like the comb at the end! I've never tried products from this brand before...Thanks for sharing! ^_^

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